Friday, February 6, 2015

80 in 80: Kansas

As part of our efforts to preview all 80 teams competing in USQ World Cup 8, the Quidditch Post is chatting with representatives from each team. Today we spoke with Samy Mousa, coach of Kansas Quidditch.

Photo by Bobbie Pitts
Quidditch Post: Last year, Kansas bowed out in the Sweet 16 after a stellar match against Lone Star Quidditch Club, which I was lucky enough to be on commentary for. What would you say the team's goals are for this World Cup?
Samy: I'd say our goal this year is to play aggressively while minimizing cards. We've done a pretty good job so far.

QP: I would say so as well. Do you have any other goals for World Cup? Or is it more so that you just give each team a hard-fought match?
Samy: I'd say just to surpass our previous benchmark, which would be Elite Eight.

QP: Well, I certainly think Kansas is capable of that. What is the team most looking forward to about World Cup this year?
Samy: Probably watching the growth of the Crimson Warhawks. It's always great getting to have a group of 40 to travel with. But this year, the Warhawks are probably going to break their tails to get to Day Two, and I think Kansas is more excited about them than our own progress.

QP: That's awesome. The Warhawks have a lot of fight, and I love watching those kinds of teams play. There's just no quit in them. Are there any players who the public may not know who could make a serious impact for KU at World Cup?
Samy: Absolutely. We have some big-hitting chasers who just came in and a male beater who used to play for the Warhawks and was always spectacular. We may be making some changes, and some Warhawks may be stepping up soon.

QP: Kansas is known for playing a more physical, Southwest-esque style of play. With that in mind, are there any teams you want to play and/or believe Kansas matches up well against from out of region?
Samy: Florida’s Finest.

QP: Haha, alright. What makes a potential matchup with Florida's Finest so appealing?
Samy: They look like a speed-based team, which is what we pride ourselves on.

QP: Well, I know I'd like to see that match, without a doubt. Anyhow, thanks for your time, Samy! Best of luck to you and both Kansas teams in the spring!

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