Monday, January 12, 2015

Northwest Coaches Poll

Over the next week, the Quidditch Post will release the results of our Coaches polls. Coaches or captains from every team were invited to vote or designate someone from their team to vote for the top teams in their region (one vote per team). The number of selections voters were asked to make depended on the number of teams in the region.

The Northwest voters were asked to pick their top three teams from the fall season. Six voters participated in the poll. Points were allocated in the following manner: Three points for a first place vote, two points for a second place vote, and one point for a third place vote.The votes have been tabulated and listed below in order of total votes. The number in parentheses indicates how many first place votes a team received.

NW Coaches Poll Results
1. University of British Columbia (UBC) – (4) 15
2. Western Washington University (WWU)  – (1) 11
3. Boise State University Abraxons (BSU) – (1) 9

Also receiving votes: British Columbia Quidditch Club (BCQC) 1

Voters Explain Their Decisions
“While UBC won the Clash in the Cascades tournament, the competition for the top seed in the Northwest is tight, with all games then being within snitch range for UBC, WWU, and BSU. WWU defeated Boise 80*-60 and caught the snitch again to defeat UBC 90*-60 in its first meeting. However, UBC beat WWU 110*-50 in the semifinals. Boise also fell to UBC in a similar fashion, losing 70*-50. This shows that the teams are all incredibly close and that the seekers and snitch play the biggest role so far. UBC has been known to be a physical team and is hard to stop with quaffle players alone. However, both WWU and Boise have shown to be just as physical while playing with varying styles. Meanwhile, WWU had the best seeker in the tournament, though inexperienced Northwest snitches can be a factor. Finally, Boise has the most experience out of region than other more-developed teams. After the top three are probably the JV squads for UBC and Boise. BCQC handily defeated the Portland Augureys and the University of Idaho with three-digit differentials. The Boise State Thestrals have yet to make an appearance.”

“I voted UBC the best because it has been playing the longest, has the most players by far, and has players who played for Team Canada in the Global Games on the team. It is an experienced, seasoned team that brings a lot to the table. I voted for WWU as second best because while it is a newer team, it has beat UBC twice this year and has gone down fighting in games it has lost. I can see this team working valiantly against its lack of resources to play this sport and play it well. It is talented and has an admirable level of sportsmanship to make up for what it lacks in experience and resources. BCQC I placed in third because I see a remarkable level of talent and determination in that team and because it also has the advantage of resources. Many of its players have been playing for a long time, and while the team itself is young, it's coming together and making itself a force to be reckoned with in the Northwest.”

“There has only been one time that these three teams have played, and UBC ended up on top. I don't know if this will always be the case; however, we only have one sample to go from. Boise has more opportunities to play outside of our region, which I think gives it an advantage over WWU. WWU has always played a good game, matching closely with UBC. I had a hard time deciding between placing them second or third, but I went with third.”

“My Northwest top three are WWU, BSU (Abraxans), and UBC. I would be inclined to put them in that order if I had to, but I think each could beat either of the others at any given point. And there's a long way from them to No. 4.”

The Northwest has only had one tournament this year, and our voters seemed to be relying almost exclusively on that. Due to a dearth of teams in the area we only asked for the top three, and most voters seemed to agree on the teams and the order. Interestingly, while there was a clear mass opinion, the top three teams all received at least one vote for each top three spot.

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