Saturday, January 31, 2015

Best Player Bracket

The Quidditch Post wants to know: Who is the best quidditch player in the world? We need your help to find out!

What is the format?
The 64-person bracket will be divided into four 16-person brackets: male quaffle players (chasers and keepers), non-male quaffle players, male beaters, and non-male beaters. Seekers will be grouped with the most appropriate alternative position. In the semifinals, the quaffle players will face off to determine the best quaffle players, while the top beater will be determined the same way. In the final, we’ll determine the best quidditch player on the planet.

Who is eligible?
Anybody who has ever played quidditch. Retired/injured players are allowed. Random athletes/celebrities are not.

How will matchups be decided?
The judges will each cast their votes for the winner of each bracket matchup. Additionally, readers will the opportunity to vote on who they think deserves to win. Reader feedback will make up a portion of the decision.

Who are the judges?
The judges will be determined by Quidditch Post staffers. All interested judges should contact the Quidditch Post via email or Facebook. Anyone is eligible to judge.

How are the 64 finalists chosen?
Once judges are selected they will deliberate as to whom the 64 finalists should be. Additionally, four slots in each bracket will be set aside for “The People’s Choices.” Quidditch Post readers will have the opportunity to tell us who we’re missing and fill out the bracket. These finalists will then be placed in a random draw within their 16-person sub bracket

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