Thursday, December 18, 2014

Melbourne Manticores Capture QUAFL

The end of November saw Australia’s national quidditch champion crowned for the fourth time at QUAFL 2014, held at Macquarie University in Sydney, NSW.
Thirteen teams competed in 42 games over two days, through hot and wet weather and late into the night for the first time in Australian quidditch history. After endless drama, on and off field, the champion was decided in the midst of a torrential late evening rainstorm. The top seeds and favourites UNSW reached the final undefeated, where they faced up to the spectacular form of the powerful and experienced Melbourne Manticores.
An impenetrable defensive and counter-attacking performance from the Manticores saw them take an emphatic 110-40 victory and join UNSW and the Perth Phoenixes as Australian quidditch champions.
Further reflections on different games and aspects of the tournament will be forthcoming throughout the holidays, as the fallout from a magnificent and dramatic tournament is digested and analysed. Here are the full results from the weekend:
Monash Muggles90*vs40Blackburn Basilisks
Australian National Nargles130*vs10Wollongong Warriors
UNSW Snapes On A Plane90*vs10Monash Muggles
Blackburn Basilisks100^ (60*)vs60 (60)Australian National Nargles
UTS Opaleyes120*vs20Wollongong Warriors
UNSW Snapes On A Plane100*vs40Blackburn Basilisks
Australian National Nargles140*vs70UTS Opaleyes
Monash Muggles190*vs10Wollongong Warriors
UNSW Snapes On A Plane110*vs30UTS Opaleyes
Monash Muggles150*vs80Australian National Nargles
Blackburn Basilisks110*vs10UTS Opaleyes
UNSW Snapes On A Plane150*vs0Wollongong Warriors
Monash Muggles120*vs10UTS Opaleyes
Blackburn Basilisks200*vs0Wollongong Warriors
UNSW Snapes On A Plane60vs40*Australian National Nargles
Pool A Standings
1UNSW Snapes On A Plane5500510120+360415
2Monash Muggles5410560230+270412
3Blackburn Basilisks5320490260+1504/69
4Australian National Nargles5231450390+603/67
5UTS Opaleyes5140240500-26013
6Wollongong Warriors505040790-58000

Perth Phoenixes100*vs50Wrackspurts QC
University of Sydney Unspeakables80*vs60Melbourne Manticores
University of Western Sydney120*vs30Macquarie Marauders
Newcastle Fireballs120*vs20Wrackspurts QC
Perth Phoenixes80*vs60University of Sydney Unspeakables
Melbourne Manticores110*vs30Macquarie Marauders
University of Western Sydney70^ (30*)vs50 (30)Newcastle Fireballs
University of Sydney Unspeakables140*vs10Wrackspurts QC
Melbourne Manticores130*vs30Perth Phoenixes
Macquarie Marauders70*vs20Newcastle Fireballs
University of Sydney Unspeakables100*vs50University of Western Sydney
Melbourne Manticores150*vs30Wrackspurts QC
Perth Phoenixes60*vs40Newcastle Fireballs
University of Sydney Unspeakables130*vs40Macquarie Marauders
University of Western Sydney120*vs50Wrackspurts QC
Melbourne Manticores200^ (110)vs120 (110*)Newcastle Fireballs
University of Western Sydney110*vs70Perth Phoenixes
Macquarie Marauders60*vs20Wrackspurts QC
University of Sydney Unspeakables90*vs60Newcastle Fireballs
Melbourne Manticores90*vs60University of Western Sydney
Perth Phoenixes40*vs10Macquarie Marauders

Pool B Standings
1Melbourne Manticores6510740350+3905/715
2University of Sydney Unspeakables6510600300+290515
3University of Western Sydney6420530390+1405/712
4Perth Phoenixes6420380400-20412
5Macquarie Marauders6240240440-20026
6Newcastle Fireballs6152410510-1002/85
7Wrackspurts QC6060180690-50000

UNSW Snapes On A Plane120 (forfeit)vs0Perth Phoenixes
Blackburn Basilisks150*vs130University of Sydney Unspeakables
Monash Muggles90*vs30University of Western Sydney
Melbourne Manticores110*vs30Australian National Nargles
UNSW Snapes On A Plane100*vs0Blackburn Basilisks
Melbourne Manticores140*vs10Monash Muggles
Melbourne Manticores110*vs40UNSW Snapes On A Plane

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