Friday, November 7, 2014

World's Best Uniform Contest: Popular Vote Results

The Quidditch Post is thrilled to announce the results of the popular vote for the inaugural World's Best Uniform Contest. As a reminder the popular vote accounts for 50 percent of a team's score, the other half is decided by a panel of judges. The winner will be announced next week. Stay tuned!

Belgian Gryffins 317
Hofstra Flying Dutchmen 299
U of C Mudbloods 175
Toulouse Quidditch 158
Black Snitches 139
UBC 113
Team Mexico 107
U of T Centaurs 102
Monash Muggles 85
Badassilisks 82
London Unspeakables 63
Richmond 62
Green-Tauros Torino Quidditch 54
QC Carolinas 45
The Warriors 43
Barcelona Eagles 39
Santa Barbara Blacktips 39
Lonestar Quidditch Club 22
Kansas Quidditch 19
USC Quidditch 17
Toledo 15
Reading Rocs 11

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