Tuesday, October 7, 2014

About Us

Title: The Quidditch Post

What: The Quidditch Post will publish any content that meets our standards of publication (detailed below). The goal of The Quidditch Post is to aggregate all quidditch related content regardless of publication or nationality in a single central location. We plan to find content in three ways: original content created by staffers affiliated with The Quidditch Post, content published on the internet found by our editorial team and/or referred to us, and submissions from writers interested in seeing their work featured on a site with an international reach.

There are no limits to the type of content we are willing to publish so long as it’s about quidditch.

Example pieces:

  • Tournament recaps
  • Tournament analysis
  • Team profiles
  • Player spotlights
  • Historical pieces
  • Event previews
  • Breaking news
  • Opinions

Current Staff:
Editor in Chief: Lindsay Garten
Managing Editor: Andy Marmer
Contributing Editors: Kristin Backert, Sarah Goad
West Section Editor: Chris Lock

Standards of Publication
  • Accurate research (team profiles, historical pieces, tournament recaps)
  • Content for original articles is not taken from a previously published piece
  • Understanding of and adherence to The Quidditch Post style guide
  • Appropriate language -- no discriminatory comments or ad hominen attacks
  • Articles have a clear idea/claim that contain supporting evidence.
    • In an opinion piece, the counter argument is required

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