Reports To
Media Manager
Required Hours
5 hours per week
1-2 hours researching content
1 hour planning podcast
1-2 hours recording weekly segment

Job Purpose

Will be responsible for hosting or participating in episodes within the Quidditch Post Media Channel. Quidditch Post articles, international gamefilm, and recorded interviews will serve as their pool of resources. This information combined with the personal experience of the podcaster will serve as content for shows and commentary.

Podcast episodes  will use three primary aspects of Quidditch as the basis for the episode, and then branch out from there into a format of the host’s choosing, allowing them as much creative control as possible within the QP guidelines. The three aspects of focus are as follows:
  • Regional
  • National
  • International
The accessibility of a podcast to its target audience is crucial to the preparation of a podcast, particularly where it comes to ensuring a consistent feel for viewers. In some cases, topics may be approved even if they are outside subjects relevant to  the podcast’s target audience but it will be encouraged that the majority of the weekly episode be within their scope on the sport.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Podcasts will release biweekly episodes with the opportunity for additional releases
    • Podcasts will run at 20, 30,  45 minutes
  • Podcasters are to be well versed and prepared for the content they are
  • Podcasters will be required to submit a plan for their episodes in advance
  • Collaborating with Analysts and Writers over game film and standings
  • Quality recording equipment is encouraged to ensure sound quality, all podcasts will be subject to a quality control review to ensure that the quality of the production is representative of the QP brand


  • Knowledge of the sport of Quidditch and a willingness to
  • Knowledge/willingness to learn to use Google Sheets, Docs, and Drive
  • Desire to see the Quidditch Post thrive
  • A passion for producing commentary and the sport of quidditch

If interested, please contact the Volunteers Director at quidditchpost@gmail.com. Please include your name, contact information, and a short summary of why you are interested in this position.

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