Chief Executive Officer

Application Close Date
March 1, 2017
Required Hours
25 hours per week

Job Purpose

The Quidditch Post is a growing international news organization with a presence in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the United States, and a robust staff of over 70 volunteers. It is the premier source for international quidditch news and analysis. The Quidditch Post is looking for a new CEO. As the leader of the Quidditch Post, you will be responsible for shaping the future not only of the organization, but of quidditch as a whole.

Duties and Responsibilities

As the public face of the organization, the CEO is ultimately responsible for shaping the organization and driving it forward. While the CEO must be prepared to step in with any responsibility at any time, their primary day to day responsibilities are as follows:

  • Set the vision for the Quidditch Post
  • Shape and lead the Quidditch Post culture
  • Oversee all high-level aspects of the Quidditch Post, its business, content, and volunteers
  • Ensure consistency with Quidditch Post standards and vision
  • Keep up to date on all departments and directors
  • Maintain key operations even in the absence of critical volunteers
  • Participate in the hiring and recruiting of new staff


  • The certainty of schedule to consistently commit multiple hours every day to meet the time obligations of the role
  • An exceptional amount of internal drive and passion, and the ability to motivate others even on off days
  • Prior management experience
  • The ability to both motivate volunteers and engage with them on a human level

Direct Reports
  • COO(s)
  • CBO
  • Editor-in-Chief

If interested, please contact us at Please include your name, contact information, resume or CV, and a short summary of why you are interested in this position.

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