Australia Junior Editor

Reports To
Australia Senior Editor
Required Hours
10 hours per week

Job Purpose

The Australia Junior Editor is a supervisory level position that works with the Australia Senior Editor to oversee writers within Australia. The main goal of this position is to supervise the production of content within the geographic area. They are tasked with ensuring that content is of a high quality, informative, and accurate.

Duties and Responsibilities

In conjunction with the Australia Senior Editor:

  • Hires, trains, and develops staff members for the Australia department
  • Assigns articles within Australia
  • Revises articles in conjunction with copy editors and writer
  • Reviews articles for accuracy and quality, and work with content creator to ensure the final product is as strong as possible
  • Supervises content from inception to publication, ensuring that QP coverage is relevant, timely, and informative


  • An understanding of the English language
  • Knowledge of/willingness to learn AP Style
  • Ability to motivate and manage a team of volunteers
  • Desire to see the Quidditch Post thrive
  • A passion for writing and the sport of quidditch

Direct Reports

  • Writer(s)

If interested, please contact the Volunteers Director at Please include your name, contact information, and a short summary of why you are interested in this position.

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