Reports to
Senior Editor
Required hours
Minimum of two article contributions or games analyzed and written up per month.

Job Purpose

By breaking down recent strategic developments and adding analytical depth to existing articles, analysts for the Quidditch Post help drive the sport forward as a whole. Armed with extensive and increasing video access, analysts will be empowered to educate the quidditch community on everything from proper form, to effective plays, to predictive statistics, and thereby help improve the strategic depth of the whole sport. Additionally, analysts will add analytical content to previews and recaps.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contribute to articles with short form or bullet-point notes/analysis, from which a staff writer will write a final article. In-article credit will be given.
  • Analyze and break down single game footage or multiple games of footage. This may be assigned in the case of important games, or self-directed when looking in detail at certain statistics, tactics, or players.
  • Review articles produced by staff writers or correspondant that involve some element of analysis.
  • Aid podcasters, social media, and other writers as needed with research, fact checking, and other responsibilities.


  • Substantial quidditch game playing/coaching experience
  • High level sport experience outside of quidditch is a plus
  • A strong understanding of quidditch tactics and strategy
  • A passion for watching and analyzing quidditch
  • Understanding of the English language
  • Desire to see the Quidditch Post thrive

If interested, please contact Volunteers Director at Please include your name, contact information, and a short summary of why you are interested in this position.

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